Molly Prewett was always a strong, kind, but terrifying young woman at Hogwarts.
She could console other students about their heartbreaks in one moment and be frightening off a group of bullies with a look the next.
She was tough.
Molly could make her brothers dive behind the nearest object just by raising her wand… or her hand.
But everyone had a weak spot and for Molly, at Hogwarts, it was her red hair.
One day in her fourth year a particularly nasty Ravenclaw foe of hers told Molly that her brother, who was a muggle, said that ‘gingers had no souls’ and that did it for Molly.
She didn’t show the girl that her comment affected her at all.
Molly finished the confrontation on top but returned to her common room trying to hold back tears.
She had always been sensitive about her hair but the comment about having no soul because of it broke her heart.
She felt so alone.
She got back to the common room late and sat in one of the corners at a dark table crying.
She didn’t see the boy with light brown hair, sitting not too far away from her.
He got up and walked over to Molly shyly.
“What’s wrong?” he asked softly sliding hesitantly into the seat opposite her.
When she didn’t object he relaxed a little.
Molly gasped, hating to show weakness “Oh, oh it’s nothing… I’m being silly, I know… I’m sorry” she sniffed rubbing her eyes, she stood up “I think I should go.”
“No!” he stood quickly too, then took a deep breath “I mean, why don’t you tell me what’s wrong?” Molly looked into his wide kind eyes then found herself spilling the whole story to him.
When she finished her story she couldn’t believe she had just told a stranger her most vulnerable weak spot, she didn’t even know his name and she’d been crying all over him.
She pulled herself together “I’m sorry I don’t know your name…” she said apologetically as she wiped her nose and he swiped away her tears looking slightly disappointed.
“My name is Arthur… Arthur Weasley” Molly smiled.
“Well thank you Arthur… you’re very kind for listening to me, I know I’m being silly” then, without another word, she darted off up the girls dormitory stairs before she said too much more.
Arthur watched her go.
He had had a crush on Molly since he first saw her, but that was their first conversation.
Although her sadness troubled him he was glad he spoke to her and was already formulating a plan to make her feel better.

The next day Molly wandered into the Great Hall for breakfast slightly late and had to rub her eyes out of shock.
Almost every student (and even some of the teachers) had bright red hair.
All of the Gryffindor’s, most of the Ravenclaw’s and Hufflepuff’s and even some Slytherins, going with the fad, had red locks.
The boy with the light brown hair sidled over to Molly; his hair was now flaming, and gave her a nervous grin.
Molly glanced over the Hall and caught sight of Dumbledore with his red hair and beard as he winked at her she burst out laughing and absolutely beamed at Arthur.
She had no idea how he put it all together but she didn’t care, all she could feel and think of was a great overwhelming affection for him crashing over her.
Molly gave him one of her bone cracking hugs then walked with him, hand in hand, to eat breakfast together.
As the days went by everyone’s hair faded to their natural colours but Arthur never changed his back again.
He never wanted Molly to feel out of place or alone again.
His hair forever served her as a reminder of how loved she was by most everyone and that everything Arthur did was to make her happy.
It was a symbol of their love. - Cristie

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Time is constructed, so if you swear by eternity that you love me, that love is false. So if you are to swear just say I love you.
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Ohhhhh smoulder


Ohhhhh smoulder

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I’m resharing this because of a talk me and my mum had. Made me think a bit about Angie and Cain. The Donna and Ross storyline has such potential. Just hope the writers have done it justice.

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