Can I just take a minute to say that this scene legitimately kills me? All I can think about during this is how terrified Merry must be to let Pippin go off on his own for the first time and be away from his little cousin. I imagine Merry desperately wanting Pippin to stay with him, but at the same time wanting Pippin to be able to become stronger and explore the world. Merry would like to keep Pippin by his side forever, watching over him closely, however he knows that Pippin is going to grow older and not need his protection as much as he did when they were children. He loves Pippin so dearly and squeezes his hand, not knowing if they’ll ever see each other again. FUCK MY LIFE AND THESE MERRY/PIPPIN FEELS I’M MAKING MYSELF SOB WHYWHYWHY

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LOTR got crossover

The tale of aragorn and arwen


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